Does capitalism promote social justice? In this second episode of The Liberal Currents Podcast (maybe its real name), Samuel Hammond advances the absurd thesis that it often does. The conversation draws on his widely shared article “Sorry, Pepsi Haters, But Social Justice Needs Capitalism.”

Featured image credit to Isaías Campbell.

Jason Briggeman

Jason Briggeman is an associate editor of Liberal Currents. He is also the managing editor of Econ Journal Watch, and he teaches economics at Austin Community College.

Samuel Hammond

Samuel Hammond is a Poverty and Welfare Policy Analyst at the Niskanen Center. His research interests include the political economics of the welfare state, aviation regulation, and social capital theory.


  1. Matthew August 11, 2017 at 1:44 am -

    For those who want to download this to listen on your device, open a tab, paste this in and then click on that downward facing arrow on the right.